NOVEMBER 20. 2009

Hola Mamboleros y Mamboleras!

I know it's been quite a while since the last update, but on a good note, i have been productive!  Plans are underway for new books, signings and a sketch artbook to commorate a decade and a half of the lucha detective's existence.  In the meantime, please check out the new items listed below. Including a NEW SONAMBULO yarn!   Thanks again for your continued love and support thru out the years. 

Love, Rafael

SONAMBULO LIVES!: A NEW Sonambulo story! The first in three years! Follow the late lucha detective as he follows his new path in the netherworld! Witness the eternal struggle of good vs. evil as guided by a guardian angel in the form of his dearly departed chilhood family pet! The STRANGEST tale yet! Available for purchase in the swag purchase.
Lucha Noir
LUCHA NOIR: THE COMPLETE RAFAEL NAVARRO IN FROM PARTS UNKNOWN is a 100+ page collection of the Sonambulo creator's ample body of comissioned work done for FPU, related spin-offs, HOODTOWN, and more. Plus a large section of never-before-seen ringside sketches, paintings of screen idols, charater and costume studies, etc. and so forth. Much of this art will be seen here for the first time in it's un-cropped, unretouched form.    Check out FPU's official website
HMLC Latest Hot Mexican Love Comics is now available for purchase with a NEW Sonambulo story is printed within! Check it out at

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